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1 June 25, 2017

Articles and Statements

1. Vladimir I. Afanasenko
The Peninsula of the Southern Front in the July offensive of 1943

Journal of International Network Center for Fundamental and Applied Research, 2017, 4(1): 4-9.
DOI: 10.13187/jincfar.2017.1.4CrossRef

July 28 marks the 75th anniversary of the publication of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief I.V. Stalin's order No. 227, known as the order "No step back!". In the history of the Great Patriotic War and in the consciousness of Soviet citizens, he entered as an order "Not a step back!". In the last paragraph, it was especially emphasized: "The order to read in all companies, squadrons, batteries, squadrons, commands, staffs". Under this order, the acting army created penalty units. Within each front, from 1 to 3 penalty battalions were formed for the guilty middle and senior commanders and the corresponding political workers of all combat arms. Within the combined arms army – from 5 to 10 penalty mouths, which sent ordinary soldiers and junior commanders. Penalties, as stressed in Order No. 227, should be placed "on more difficult sectors of the front, to enable them to redeem their crimes against the Motherland." In mid-July 1943, at the height of the Battle of Kursk, the South Front fines took part in the breakthrough of the enemy's powerful defensive line, created at the heights of the western bank of the river. Mius. About statistics of losses of penal units in the July offensive operation of the Southern Front – in this article.

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2. Artem A. Gonchar, Yuri F. Katorin
Price of the Royal Whim

Journal of International Network Center for Fundamental and Applied Research, 2017, 4(1): 10-18.
DOI: 10.13187/jincfar.2017.1.10CrossRef

In the article it is told the loss of Swedish sail battleship “Vasa” because of the filling by his water through the cannon ports. It is proven that it proved to be is very unstable it could overturn even with the moderate breeze, since theoretical ship building in the century yet it was not formed with the real proportions and XVII century yet it was not formed: structural drawings were not carried out and the mathematical calculations of stability were not done, furthermore the invention of gun port was powerful stimulus for an increase in the firepower of ship, determined at that time by the number of instruments, but for the power it was necessary to pay by safety.

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3. Yuri F. Katorin, Aleksei H. Chalkovski
German Superheavy Artillery at the Eastern Front

Journal of International Network Center for Fundamental and Applied Research, 2017, 4(1): 19-30.
DOI: 10.13187/jincfar.2017.1.19CrossRef

In the article it is told about the creation in Germany and the combat employment of superheavy mortars “Carl”, are given their technical characteristics and design features; 22 June 1941 they brought down their 600-mm projectiles to the Brest fortress, in summer 1942 they fired Sevastopol. In 1944 risen Warsaw. It is said and where they were in 1943 and that they made in 1945. The last surviving copy is stored in us in tank museum in Kubinke.

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4. Sergey S. Sokolov, Nikolay B. Glebov
Admiral Stepan Osipovich Makarov

Journal of International Network Center for Fundamental and Applied Research, 2017, 4(1): 31-37.
DOI: 10.13187/jincfar.2017.1.31CrossRef

In this article it is described about the young years S.O. Makarov, to his studies in the Sea school in Nikolayevsk-on-Amur, successful seamanship aboard the ships of the squadron of Pacific Ocean, which led to the petition of the command of this squadron about its production not into the conductors of the group of navigators, but in the naval cadets of fleet on the level with the wards of Sea Housing, was evaluated the role of the Admiral OF A.A. Popov in Makarov's quarry.

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